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About Kolhapur

Kolhapur has been long discussed as the second highest per capital income II tier city in India. As known as “Sugar Bowl of India” this city has the maximum number of Mercedes Cars, Spinning Mills, Education center and also know for its spicy curries and leather footwear.

Mahalaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi Temple marks its iconic presence in this heritage city of Kolhapur. Shree Mahalaxmi is the goddess of wealth, where pilgrims flock in numbers to seek her blessings, it is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Mahalaxmi also known as Ambabai enjoys status of one of the important spiritual centers in India. Construction of the temple is initiated in 7th century by Chalukya rulers and further beautified by Yadavas till 9th Century AD. Garuda Mandap used for concerts by renowned artists is built in 1838 AD. During Navratri Festival, Temple is well decorated with lights & flowers and renowned musicians, Kirtankars, artists pay their homage by performing for goddess to public in the temple.

Bhavani Mandap

This historic palace once served as royal residence to Shri Chatrpati Shahu Maharaj family and has many chronological events associated to the royal family of Kolhapur

Rankala Choupati

Rankala Lake is one of the great places of Kolhapur , having beautiful garden around the lake which entertains you and rejoices your heart with happiness. This beautiful lake is named after the temple of 'Rankbhairav', an incarnation of lord Shiva, A quarry was formed in to a natural lake after earthquake in 8th / 9th century AD. Well maintained garden & beautiful Shalini palace along the lake side attracts every visitor to Kolhapur.

Panhala Fort

Panhala is about 19kms north-west of Kolhapur, is possibly the largest and most important fort of the Deccan.  Roughly triangular in shape, the hill fort stands at a height of about 850 meters and has a circumference of approximately 7.25kms. The fort had three magnificent double walled gates.  The Teen Darwaza to the west is an imposing and powerful structure.  There are a number of ruined monuments in the fort.  The most impressive among them are the three huge granaries.

Kaneri Math (Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum)

The place is near Kolhapur city on Pune Banglore Highway. Shri Kshetra Siddhagiri Math has a history of more than 1000 years, and is a holy place of worship of Lord Mahadeva. This museum showcases different aspects of Gramjivan (village life). The museum is spread over 7 acres area and has almost 80 scenes which showcase more than 300 statues. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and is surrounded with lush greenery. It is a certainly worth the visit to experience the perfect blend of fact, powerful imagination and enormous hard work in getting the lifelike expressions of the whole village.

Jyotiba Temple

Situated just 17 kms away from Kolhapur, Jyotiba is a holy site of Hinduism. The deity of the temple is known by the same name, and is an incarnation of three gods: Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesha. An annual fair takes place on the full moon night of the Hindu months of Chaitra and Vaishakha.

Narsinhwadi (Narsobachi Wadi)

Shri Nasinh Saraswati who is incarnation of Lord Dattatraya lived here for twelve years. Here Lord Dattatreya is in the form of his ‘Paduka’ situated below an Umber tree, which symbolizes presence of Lord Dattatreya there. There is another Lord Datta temple ‘Amareshwar temple’ which is just Across the banks of river Krishna which is worth the visit too. This place is also famous for Brinjal, Cucmber & Corn and also don’t forget to try the famous sweet dish ‘Basundi’ here.

New Palace Museum

Abounded in culturally rich heritage that displays immense art of performance that is depicted in every activity like wrestling, Danpatta, Lathi, Mallakhamb etc. Royal Palace completed during 1884 displays fine combination of Hindu and British architecture. Palace has been occupied partially by royal family and is surrounded by well maintained garden. Shahu Museum a part of Palace has rare paintings, weaponry and arterials. It also houses stuffed animals & birds which attracts children. Darbar hall also displays richness of darbar decorum of the kingdom. This museum exhibits the royal way of existence. If you're a lover of historical sites, this one is a must visit! Nearby Palace, a lake with rare visitor birds, dears, alligator and peacocks also attract tourists.

Khasbhag Maidan

Khasbag is a national wrestling stadium in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India. This stadium was built in the time of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj and is more than hundred years old. Khasbag stadium, also known as Khasbaug Maidan has a seating arrangement for about 60,000 people around a Wrestling Ring also called "Houd". Special seating is available for the members of the royal family of Kolhapur.

Suggestive Sightseeing Itineraries

1 Day Tour
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Bhavani Temple & Old Palace
  • Rankala Chaupati/Lake
  • Shalini Palace (Hotel)
  • New Palace (Museum)
  • Siddhagiri Math / Kanerimath
  • Town Hall Museum / Chandrakant Mandare Art Gallery
2 Day Tour
Day 1 Day 2
  • Mahalaxmi Temple
  • Kaneri Math
  • Bhavani Temple & Old Palace
  • Narsobachi Wadi
  • Rankala Chaupati/Lake
  • Sangli Ganpati Temple
  • Shalini Palace (Hotel)
  • Audumbar or Khidrapur
  • New Palace (Museum)
  • Kashbag Maidan
  • Panhala Fort / Jotiba Darshan
  • Drop of to Railway Station/Airport

We can arrange rental cars and local site seeing tours on request. For more details please contact reception / front office desk at the Hotel.